Senior Pet Care


Caring For Your Senior Pet

As your pet ages, changes in its behavior and physical condition will occur. Older pets need specific kinds of care to make their golden years healthy and happy. This is the time to start a senior health maintenance program to provide optimal care for your older dog. Our goal is to establish baseline values that will be useful comparisons as your dog ages. We can also detect abnormal values now that can be managed effectively with minor lifestyle changes.

It always costs less to prevent a disease than to treat it, both in money and in emotional well being. We understand that budgets vary, so let us create a detailed estimate that is personalized for your pet.  Please call us at 303-499-5505 for details.

The goal of our senior wellness program is to help maintain the highest possible quality of life for your pet and make their senior years the most rewarding years of his or her life. Please contact us at 303-499-5505 to schedule your pet’s senior wellness check-up.


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